Dr. Peter Marshall's parent involvement is thriving! Every week, on every Wednesday, our wonderful parent volunteers can be found generously and tirelessly working behind the scenes in support of all staff members. Led by Marshall’s Parent Involvement Liaison, Mrs. Baltazar, their personal touch has also been appreciated by all - from campus decoration projections to school spirit days and special events - Marshall parents are amazing! Marshall’s parent volunteers go beyond giving back to the school community; they enrich the school community through the friendships and connections they are building with one another. New parents continue to join, and are always welcomed, as training for parent volunteers is always ongoing.

Marshall parents are currently attending the Parenting Partners Workshops. These workshops provide parents practical academic improvement skills to support the classroom teacher. In addition, parents learn family literacy activities and how to create a strong home learning environment. The workshop format is experience oriented and discussion driven so that parents feel respected and engaged. Courses taught include Positive Parenting, Creating Confident Kids, Communication, Creating a Structure for Achievement, and Discipline.

Another focus here at Dr. Peter Marshall is supporting our parents and community members through the English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. ESL courses are provided by the North Orange County Community College District. Classes run Monday through Thursday evening. Parent and community members remain engaged and attend daily due to the wonderful community connections and resources provided. Among those resources, ESL students are provided an array of community services as shared by differing community organizations on a monthly basis. These presentations have been invaluable and enjoyed by all, and it is something parents and community members look forward to every month.

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