For the last 17 years, Chapman University has sponsored an annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest for middle school and high school students. This year, more than 6000 students participated from California to New Jersey, Canada, Nigeria, Poland, and South Africa. The Holocaust Art and Writing Contest teaches students across the world about events that occurred nearly 70 years ago. Engaging students through writing and art brings to life the meaning and relevance of the Holocaust, and works to prevent such a devastating event of the past from repeating having our young boys and girls continue to tell it forward to future generations and making survivors’ memories matter.

Pyles’ sixth graders, under the instruction of Mrs. Terra O’Rourke (6th Grade Teacher), viewed survivors’ testimonies and then wrote essays reflecting upon a specific memory that resonated with them. Out of approximately 100 essays, three were selected for contest entrance. Ariel Newhall Farhat, Anthony Nguyen, and Aryana Garcia were invited to attend the Holocaust Art and Writing Contest Ceremony with Mrs. O’Rourke, Mrs. Breese (Principal) and Dr. Frank Donavan (District Superintendent) on Friday, March 4. It truly was a pivotal and life-changing day for all in attendance to meet and hear the stories of Holocaust survivors and their rescuers. Congratulations to all of the 6th grade writers whose lives have been impacted by this experience.

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