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Be Safe

At Schweitzer, we keep ourselves and others safe by following school rules, including playground rules.

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Be Responsible

At Schweitzer, we take care of ourselves and our materials, and are ready to learn. We are responsible for our own behaviors and actions.

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Be Positive

At Schweitzer, we are kind to each other and cheer for each other. We support each other to do our best.

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May 15, 2017

Carnival Brings Schweitzer School Together

On Friday April 28th the Schweitzer School Community came together at a Carnival hosted by the PTA.  It was a…

Schweitzer School was named a California Gold Ribbon School in 2016. Schweitzer School has won this award due to its excellent academic program and to the collaboration of staff and parents in providing that program. We are especially proud of our personnel, who believe that all of our students will succeed academically and will develop good character with the right kind of support. All of our teachers are considered highly qualified by the State of California, and work very hard to provide a high quality education to our students. Parents, classified staff, and support staff all work together to make sure Schweitzer students read and write daily. On the annual parent survey, 98% of our parents responded that their child is getting a good education at Schweitzer School.