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Three sixth grade student artists from Juliette Low School of the Arts will be recognized by Senator Josh Newman of Senate District 29 at a special upcoming reception.

The theme of the first student art competition sponsored by Senate District 29 was “Beauty of Culture.” In the elementary school category, Ambar Thanki won first place for her oil painting entitled, “Cherry Blossoms.” Alexis Figueroa’s oil painting entitled, “When Cultures Collide,” took second place in this category. Yolanda Quezada’s graphic art entitled “Culture Explosion,” took second place in the middle school category. The students’ teachers, Mrs. Jodi Cummings and Mrs. Gina Pavlov, consulted with students on their work.

The artists and their families; teachers; and site and district administrators will attend a special reception honoring the artists on Tuesday, September 26 at 6:00 p.m. in Senator Newman’s office. The awesome art of Ambar, Alexis, and Yolanda will be displayed in Senator Newman’s office for one year, along with the art of the other winners.

Juliette Low School has a new Teaching Garden, and it is extraordinary!   On May 5, representatives from the American Heart Association, Love Anaheim, UCCE Master Gardeners, Low Garden Committee, and Disney VoluntEARS collaborated with students and teachers to create a garden that will be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come.

Marci Cox, Garden Champion, and Nora Stewart, representative of the American Heart Association, worked diligently to organize and facilitate a productive garden planting day.  All preschool through sixth grade students collaborated with their peers to contribute to the creation of the garden.  They built planting boxes; packed the boxes with soil; painted rocks, garden stakes, or trash cans to add flair to the garden; or planted a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Preschool and kindergarten students enjoyed hearing stories about the importance of gardens, while first grade students got to hold squiggly worms and learn about composting. 

Culminating this invigorating day was a closing ceremony, which was attended by many dignitaries, including Senator Josh Newman; Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva; Rachel Rollicky, representing the office of Congressman Lou Correa; Mayor Pro Tem Vanderbilt; Magnolia School Board of Trustees Members Barbara Quintana, Esther Wallace, and Nathan Zug; and Superintendent Frank Donavan.  Sharon Pacheco, sixth grade student, sang “Como La Flor,” after which Principal Von Sprecken was presented with Certificates of Recognition from the United States Congress House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the California Legislature Assembly. 

As a result of consistently caring for their garden, Juliette Low students will have the opportunity to grow and harvest vegetables and learn to cook delicious and nutritious meals with them.  The Teaching Garden is also a wonderful addition to our School of Arts, as it will serve as a source of inspiration for continued creative endeavors.  

Low Leopard students and parents danced to popular tunes played by a D.J. at a Spring Fling, which took place in the MPR on Friday, March 31.  Dancing, raffles, games, food, and laughter were enjoyed by participants, who donned their semi-formal wear.  A professional photographer took family photos to capture the memorable evening.

One week prior to this event, Parent Involvement Liaison Irma Bernales and several PTA parents, including Paula Blum, Lory Rosas, Liliana Nattes, Carmen Wilis, Margarita Carabes, Liz Rosete, and Enice Da Silva transformed the MPR into a magnificent Secret Garden, with 3-dimensional flowers and blossoming cherry trees. 

It was definitely an E-Ticket experience for all!

Juliette Low’s annual “Poets and Dreamers” poetry slam took place in the school’s reading lounge on Friday, March 3.  Sixty-five second through sixth grade poets shared insightful and inspirational poems with intriguing titles such as “Childhood Doesn’t Wait,” “The Thing,” “Passion for Writing,” “Rising Above Popularity,” “Bittersweet Friendship,” “Death Regrets,” “Life is a Runway,” and “My Life with Chaos Child.”  Prominent guests included Superintendent Frank Donavan and Assistant Superintendent Hanan Thornton, who appreciatively snapped their fingers following each performance, along with audience members. 

Juliette Low teachers, Sherrie Todorovic, Kelly Struwe, Alisa Larson, Ann Bucheli, and Gina Pavlov, served as judges.  Students were scored on various aspects of both the poem and their performance while competing  for prestige, gift cards, and tickets to the upcoming Orange County Regional Youth Slam Event.  Winners were as follows:  Savannah Ponteres, Grade 2; Karen Padilla, Grade 3; Maanya Arora, Fourth Grade; Ambar Thanki, Fifth Grade; and Lily Ong, Sixth Grade.   Each poet was honored at a spirit rally, during which each of the winners shared their poems with the entire student body.

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