Juliette Low’s annual “Poets and Dreamers” poetry slam took place in the school’s reading lounge on Friday, March 3.  Sixty-five second through sixth grade poets shared insightful and inspirational poems with intriguing titles such as “Childhood Doesn’t Wait,” “The Thing,” “Passion for Writing,” “Rising Above Popularity,” “Bittersweet Friendship,” “Death Regrets,” “Life is a Runway,” and “My Life with Chaos Child.”  Prominent guests included Superintendent Frank Donavan and Assistant Superintendent Hanan Thornton, who appreciatively snapped their fingers following each performance, along with audience members. 

Juliette Low teachers, Sherrie Todorovic, Kelly Struwe, Alisa Larson, Ann Bucheli, and Gina Pavlov, served as judges.  Students were scored on various aspects of both the poem and their performance while competing  for prestige, gift cards, and tickets to the upcoming Orange County Regional Youth Slam Event.  Winners were as follows:  Savannah Ponteres, Grade 2; Karen Padilla, Grade 3; Maanya Arora, Fourth Grade; Ambar Thanki, Fifth Grade; and Lily Ong, Sixth Grade.   Each poet was honored at a spirit rally, during which each of the winners shared their poems with the entire student body.