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Juliette Low did it again!  Audiences of all generations “Can’t Stop the Feeling” of happiness that overcame them as they experienced the retelling of a classic story, with a twist, of a little mermaid who longs to be a part of the “human world” and pursue her quest for fame in the Big Apple. Beginning with the entire cast singing, “Aquarius,” the musical explored themes such as optimism and resilience. Delightful humor scattered throughout the tale included a fish named Trixie singing, “It’s All About that Bass,” as she wistfully contemplated the crush she had on a bass fish named Rainbow.

Due to the generosity of Superintendent Donavan, buses were provided, allowing students from every school to attend the musical. In total, 2,376 Magnolia School District students were in 1 of 7 audiences.

An encore community performance of “Under the Sea” will take place on Tuesday, December 20 for community leaders.

The show’s success is due to the creativity of writer/director, Sherrie Todorovic, co-writers, Christina Fink-Manfre, and Sonja Fehlmann, the beautiful costumes and sets designed by Sandy Jackson, the musical direction of Gina Pavlov, and the behind-the- scenes management and organization provided by Thuan Mai, Melissa Brakefield, and Patti Park.  The cast of students in grades 3-6 brought the script and musical selections to life while students, parents, teachers, and custodial staff supported the production through collaborative artwork, vocals, and set design.  Juliette Low’s commitment to the arts is a powerful testament to the statement, “It takes a village to raise a child”.


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