On Wednesday, December 13th, some Marshall parents gathered to give back to a local organization - Giving Children Hope.  This organization provides assistance through collaboration with local and global communities to provide medical resources, nutritional foods, and basic necessities.  As well as wellness programs and disaster response.

The parents participated in packing 118 backpacks with basic needs items to local schools.  They sorted through 300 bags of rice and 300 bags of beans.  They also learned about the disaster program and the collaboration with Mexico and Houston for the recent disasters.

The Marshall parents were grateful for the opportunity in giving back to their community and the excitement of sharing their experiences with their children.   



Dual language classrooms are a mix of students who are English dominant with students who are Spanish dominant.  This mix of students provides optimal interaction and learning. Kindergarten students who participate in the program do not have to be Spanish speakers. The program teaches students to speak, read, and write in Spanish while maintaining a rigorous academic program in English.  It is the expectation that students will participate in this program through sixth grade in order to fully benefit from the approach. 

This award encourages students to attain biliteracy, honors the achievement of our students, and encourages students’ college and career readiness and preparation with 21st century skills. This award is for selected Kinder and 3rd grade students in the Dual Immersion Program who have met a specific criteria.

Achieving advanced levels of knowledge and proficiency in another language takes many years and must start early with young children. The Orange County Department of Education in conjunction with districts throughout our county have established a system of “pathway” awards from pre-school through eighth grade, recognizing benchmarks towards biliteracy. These benchmark or pathway awards are designed to recognize students and encourage the pursuit of language skills in two or more languages. Further, the Pathways to Biliteracy Awards affirm positive attitudes towards multilingualism, and validate the use of multiple languages for all students. 

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