Parenting OC Magazine has named Joan Cowan, first grade teacher at Dr. Albert Schweitzer Elementary School, Top Teacher of OC 2016. Joan Cowan has been a teacher for 28 years and is known throughout the Magnolia School District for her leadership, involvement, superb teaching skills, student achievement results, and classroom environment. She creates a classroom where students are held to high academic standards while at the same time they receiving academic and emotional support. Joan Cowan’s classroom serves a model classroom for veteran and student teachers alike. Joan is well deserving of this recognition and will be further recognized by the Magnolia School District Board of Education at an upcoming Board Meeting.

In addition, Walt Disney Elementary School Sixth Grade Teacher, Katherine Smith-Brooks, has been named one of the Top 25 Teacher of OC 2016. Katherine Smith-Brooks has been teaching for 17 years in the Magnolia School District. She was recognized for her use of instructional strategies that have helped ensure her student’s academic success such as: GATE icons and technology like the SmartBoard, online discussions, and Google Classroom. The Magnolia School District Board of Education will also be recognizing Katherine Smith-Jones at an upcoming Board Meeting.