On Saturday November 14th, Maxwell and Schweitzer Schools competed for their second year at a Robotics tournament. Teams from both schools have been working hard for the last 8 weeks to build Lego models, program a robot to perform a number of different tasks, and prepare a research project. This year’s theme of the FIRST Lego League competition was “Trash Trek”.

The Maxwell Roborunners presented a project based on the concept of repurposing trash. Instead of sending trash to be recycled or sent to a landfill, trash can be repurposed to make games. We entertained students at the tournament with our repurposed trash games.

Schweitzer’s Team 1 students presented projects based on re-using juice boxes from the cafeteria as planters for tomato seeds. Team 2 collected used Lego blocks to donate to children in hospitals and orphanages.

Both schools learned about the value of working together and cooperating. Schweitzer and Maxwell students cheered each other on at the tournament and made their schools proud.