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Employees of the Year

Chris Martinez

Classified Employee of the Year

Chris Martinez
Technology Department - Systems Network Tech II

Jennifer Kintop

Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Kintop
Dr. Albert Schweitzer - 6th Grade Teacher

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Jenny Kintop has been selected as the Magnolia School District teacher of the year.  Jenny has been in Magnolia for 30 years, all of them at Schweitzer.  She has always taught upper grade, and was also the Tech TOSA and later the TOSA at Schweitzer for several years.  Jenny is a hardworking, dedicated teacher.  She loves her job and her 6th grade students.

Jenny’s family is a Schweitzer family- her husband Mike worked at Schweitzer, and her daughter Holly is a proud Schweitzer alumnus.  Over the years Jenny has taken on every possible adjunct duty at Schweitzer – a veritable alphabet soup of jobs- including PBIS, ELPAC, CL, PTA, AR and the Spelling Bee.  Jenny has also been a coach of the Robotics team for many years, and was an essential part of the team’s success in advancing to the finals at Legoland.

Jenny is a true team player.  She is quiet, but very thoughtful, and when she speaks the staff listens.  Jenny takes her time to do things carefully, and she is always willing to help another teacher or a student.  She often works with students who have special needs, and coordinates with the RSP teacher to align instruction and participate in IEP meetings.  She spends her own time with students who are struggling, and has Zoom office hours if a student has a question.  Jenny is the teacher who keeps extra granola bars in her desk for the students who are hungry at recess time.

Schweitzer alumni often reach out to Jenny to update her on their progress.  She has kept in touch with many previous students who have gone on to be successful, and who appreciate her contribution to their success.  As a 6th grade teacher, Jenny coordinates with the Junior High schools, organizes end of the year activities, and takes students to Outdoor Science School every year.  Congratulations to the Magnolia School District Teacher of the Year, Jenny Kintop.

Chris Martinez, Magnolia School District 2020/21 Classified School Employee of the Year

Chris has been an integral member of the technology team at Magnolia School District for over 12 years. Chris starts the day early and is always ready to help out the teachers who arrive early if they have any early morning technology difficulties.  If teachers are hung up late in the day he will stay to help them as well.

This summer Chris’ dedication to get technology into the hands of students and staff continued to be evident as Chris worked tirelessly to empty classroom Chromebooks cabinets and was in charge of one of the two distribution teams that covered 9 sites and handed out more than 3000 Chromebooks over a 5-day period in August. Chris went the extra mile to take care of his team by bringing his own cooler full of ice water and setting up fans borrowed from schools to try and keep everyone safe and as cool as possible.

Chris has become our go-to technician on all things SMART Board related.  He leads the team in setup, configuration and troubleshooting of the SMART Boards and document cameras present in every single classroom that are relied upon daily for student instruction.

The number of helpdesk calls he is able to complete is dwarfed by the number of thank-yous and notes of appreciation he receives. Chris truly strives to do all that he can as a beloved member of the Magnolia family.