Growth and Development Movie Preview

During the 5th and 6th grades, growth and development films are shown to students. In order for your child to view the film, parent permission must be given. This is your opportunity to preview the film that will be shown to your child.

The movies can be previewed below.  Once you finished previewing the movies, please complete the Student Permission Form at the bottom of this page to grant or deny permission for your child to watch the movies at school.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, by completing the "Student Permission Form" at the bottom of this page. 

Yes, and the major focus is a review of the movie, including body changes and hygiene. 

Yes, there is time after the movie during the discussion for students to ask questions. The nurse screens the questions for appropriateness. Students are referred to a parent or trusted household adult for an explanation of terms. 

Tampons are briefly introduced in the movies. The school nurses tell the students what the difference is between a tampon and a pad. The students are told that they should refrain from using tampons until they talk with a trusted adult in the home, are familiar with their religious and cultural beliefs, have had their period for about a year and are regular with their cycles, and independent with self care/hygiene.  Tampons are not available in the school health office.

The movies do not discuss masurbation, however from time to time, a student may ask about the topic. Staff neither encourage or discourage the actions, and information is kept very factual (for example, if a student asks if masturbation causes blindness, they will be told no). 


The 6th grade movies include general information about the development of the opposite gender with a few pictures. 

If you have an additional question please use the button below to send a question to our school nurses.

Growth and Development Movie Previews

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Please click on the button below to fill out the permission form,  In this form you can Approve or Deny your child access to watch the films.