Harvest of the Month

Harvest of the Month is an initiative of the California Department of Public Health that features nutrition education tools and resources to support healthy lifestyle habits like eating fruits and vegetables every day.
Through our partnership of the Orange County Department of Education, we are able to offer Harvest of the Month tastings combined with, standards based, Nutrition Education to all of our students across the Magnolia School District.  Then the learning goes beyond the classroom and into the cafeteria as we feature the Harvest of the Month items in our lunch program.  
Here is what we have featured in our Harvest of the Month lessons this year:
January - Mandarins, featured the week of January 14th.
February - Roasted Edamame, featured the week of February 4th
March - Asparagus, featured the week of March 4th.
April - Rainbow Carrots, featured the week of April 8th.
May - serving the week of May 6th.
Want to learn more about what your children experienced in the Harvest of the Month lessons?  Download the monthly family newsletters below: