Clements Design Makes Magnanimous Donation To Juliette Low School Of The Arts

On behalf of the students and staff of Low, the PAL students thanked Ms. Bingabing for the generous donations and presented her with a canvas depicting the painting of a tree, the leaves of which were the thumbprints of every kindergarten through sixth grade student at Low.  Appreciation was also extended to Elite Transfer for donating the movers and moving truck that delivered the supplies.

Kathleen Clements, owner of Clements Design, is a passionate advocate for teachers and students, particularly students of low socioeconomic status.   It was this passion that inspired her to purchase supplies for both teachers and students. Donated supplies included a variety of art supplies that students will use in their classrooms to create 3-dimensional art; organizational student tools, such as cool GAP backpacks, notebooks, and pencil cases; and a variety of teacher supplies.

Juliette Low is extremely grateful for this magnanimous donation, which will positively impact every student and teacher!