Magnolia Announces 2019 Employees of the Year!

Mrs. Davis has been a part of Magnolia School District for the last 30 years!  She started as an Instructional Assistant and today works as a Health Clerk. According to Steve Pescetti, Principal at Maxwell School, “We are so lucky to have Debbie as our Health Clerk! She is kind and caring to our kids, and she is always positive with our parents as well. She is such a great asset to our front office. We are so lucky to have her as part of our Maxwell community!”

Mrs. Brennan joined Magnolia School District 16 years ago.  She works as a Special Day Class Teacher. Mr. Pescetti adds, “Mrs. Brennan is such an outstanding teacher who is truly worthy of the District recognition. Her lessons are very engaging; it is always a pleasure to visit her room and see her students’ enthusiasm for learning. Her special education students are taught the grade level curriculum and so many of them end up transitioning to the general education classroom because of her positive attitude and creative lessons! We are so grateful that Mrs. Brennan is part of our staff!”

Both of these distinguished employees will go forward in representing Magnolia School District in the county-wide selection with the Orange County Department of Education.  We wish them both the best of luck moving forward.