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Aeries Parent Portal

Completing the Data Confirmation Process Using the Aeries Parent Portal

Data Confirmation is a feature of Aeries that allows parents to update student demographics, contacts, and authorization information. This account will be used for the yearly Parent Data Confirmation process.  The Parent Data Confirmation process is required every school year your child is enrolled in our District.  

If you already have a Parent Portal account proceed to Step 2.  

To create a Parent Portal account proceed to Step 1.

STEP 1: Creating an Aeries Parent Portal Account and Linking your Student

  1. Go to (will open in a new tab).
  2. Click “Create New Account”.
  3. Select "Parent/Guardian", then click "Next".
  4. Enter your email address in the first two boxes, then choose a password and enter it in the bottom two boxes. Then, click "Next".
  5. Aeries will send a confirmation email to the address you listed. Copy the Email Code to use in the next step and then click the “Confirm This Email Address” link in the email to verify your account.
  6. In the Email Verification screen, Enter your email address, and Email Code from the previous step then click "Accept".
  7. Click on "Return to Login Page".
  8. Log in to Aeries using your email address and password. (Keep this information in a safe place because it will be used every year).
  9. The next page will ask for information about your student to tie them to your account. Families received a letter with this information.  If you did not receive this letter please contact your child's school office.  You will need to the following information to continue.
    • Student ID Number
    • Verification Code
    • Primary Phone
  10. On the next screen, Aeries will list the contacts associated with the student. Select your record from the list and click "Next".
  11. You now have an Aeries Parent Portal account linked to your student.
  12. Go to Step 2 to complete the Data Confirmation.

STEP 2: Completing the Data Confirmation

Once logged into the Aeries Parent Portal, you should see a yellow banner stating, “You have not yet completed the Student Data Confirmation Process.” Select the "Click Here" link to begin the Data Confirmation Process.

Review and update tabs 1 – 7 You must click the “Confirm and Continue” button after each tab in order to save the information to continue.

  1. Go to (will open in a new tab).
    1. Family Information
      Answer the following two questions: 1) Whether or not at least one parent/guardian is active in the US Armed Forces and, 2) the residence survey.
    2. Student
      Review and update, if necessary, the following fields: Parent/Guardian, Mailing Address, Residence Address, Phone Numbers, Education Level, Records Release.
    3. Contacts
      On this tab you can delete or add new contacts and/or update for the current year.
    4. Medical History
      All students must have current information on this tab.  If your child has no medical conditions, please select "N/A".
    5. Documents
      Click on each PDF document to review and print.  Click on the check box under each document to acknowledge that you have read the document. Both completed documents must be returned to your child's school.  If you are unable to print these forms, you may request paper copies from the school office.
    6. Authorizations
      Read each authorization and indicate your response in the Status column and click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.
    7. Final Data Confirmation

      Please return the following documents to your child's school as soon as possible:

      • Household Information Form
      • McKinney Vento Form