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2022-2023 TK/Kinder Presentation

Presentation given on March 3, 2022 regarding TK/Kinder enrollment.

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Why Choose Magnolia School District?

  • High-quality academic programs in all content areas
  • Opportunities for enrichment in STEM, music and the Arts
  • Highly-trained and dedicated staff
  • Parent education and involvement programs
  • Outstanding preschool programs
  • Free after school programs


5-star rated program for ages 3-5 years. Morning or afternoon classes are available.

Dual Immersion

Our dual language immersion program prepares students to become global citizens in a multi-lingual/multi-cultural world by providing them with the opportunity to become proficient in two languages.

TK / Kinder

Full day programs that include rich interactive learning activities.

High Quality Academics

Rigorous and engaging literacy and math programs designed to support the unique needs of each student.